Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How to Create a Self-Extracting Installer in Bash

The basic idea of creating a self-extracting installer in Bash is really straightforward. We just need to append the binary package, e.g. an archive file in our installer script. Here's a simple example on how to do that.
  1. Create an installer script
  2. #!/bin/bash
    echo "Running self-extracting installer"
    ARCHIVE=`awk '/^__START_HERE__/ {print NR + 1; exit 0; }' $0`
    echo $ARCHIVE
    tail -n+$ARCHIVE $0 | tar xzv
    exit 0
  3. Append an archive file into an installer script
  4. cat myproject.tar.gz >> installer
  5. Give an executable permission
  6. chmod +x installer
  7. Execute the installer script
  8. ./installer

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